In German we have a famous saying by Friedrich Schiller: “The war nourishes the war”, so it can not lead to peace. Therefore, searching optionally for other solutions, reconciliation and even forgiveness is a virulent human desire in many situations although it tends to be in reality sometimes a quite difficult and time-consuming procedure.

So building bridges and making peace with yourself and others by mutual handling when appropriate may release hidden energies and opens new paths or possibilities in order to  let us go forward.

In a larger global scale much more peacekeeping efforts and the will to do so would be needed nowadays urgently instead of weapon exports, increased army budgets and warfare all over the world, as the terrestrial clock – with crazy presidents in North-Korea and the USA – indicates again 11:55.


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5 thoughts on “JUST LET IT GO?!”

  1. Ulli, I am so grateful for this post. It got me thinking about how to collaborate and build bridges of peace, especially through making peace with ourselves, choosing forgiveness and accepting with wisdom to see beyond what is. I am honored to contribute this for Forgiving Fridays tomorrow! More soon.
    Have a blessed and good weekend, Deborah

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    1. Moving at the very edge of a real contemporary abyss leaves a lot of space for multiple doubts of any kind. But we have to move forward anyhow also using just sometimes provisional swaying pontoons. Such is life.

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