Summer is not really over in my mind, but autumn has yet begun. Even some house facades here in the big old town now change their colours showing red and orange, but also still a lot of green. Truly one of the nicest periods in the year, especially when the sun is shining like on these photos here in late September. After a rather rainy 2017 summer here in the centre of Europe, such a colorful intermezzo in the circle of the year does please everyone.

Enmeshed in these thickets of a metropole I now say good-bye in the time being as some real summer is now waiting for me in the South.


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  1. How lovely that at least in Berlin autumnal colours are allowed to survive against the backdrops of building. Here in Australia many vent their dislike of nature by going around with huge petrol driven blowers and cutters erasing any sign of autumn. I don’t understand that.

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    1. Nature is quite resilient in general although mankind is on the best way to destroy the last still existing djungle areas and/or primordial forests in the Northern hemisphere. Last week a fox crossed my way in the early evening, he was not really shy but then preferred to continue strolling through the night I am now also on a leave to a more sunny and warmer part of Europe. Nice weekend!


    1. Thank you, but I am already back from nice and hot Portugal to this freezing North called Central-Europe. Yesterday, the 2nd Autumn storm this year, quite unsual to be honest, this tempest brought again quite some chaos. Today looks again better like my post about the Indian summer but just 7° Celsius, so I have to leave the virtual world soon.


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