Every picture can tell a story unrecorded by our nearest ancestors, but we never know in advance where this busy metropolitan tale will finally lead us. The mysterious symbols of this traffic are chasing us criss-cross the city, and when reaching the beginning of the narrative race again, all has changed like a never-ending dreamy game. However, the message should be so imminent and clear  ….

…. but then from time to time a freezing wind of anxiety and refusal may bounce into our blindsided faces, like an invisible wall it waited around the corner. The diverse colours of the world disappear immediately and a howling tempest divides everything into a simple black and white one-way road. A somehow dateless fear of the unknown and strange wants to take control of our mind but we have to resist and move quickly forward into the sunny outland in order to escape this pack ice of life. 




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suburban tracks

I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist.


    1. First my search-engine led me to the Greek island regarding Ithaca but now I have seen some murals of your Ithaca by an Italian artist but so far none of the boxes. As usual with such creations or art in general not everybody likes it or each and everything. But especially in winter a little bit color in the streets is appreciated by me.


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