Early October 2017 in Lisboa, capital of Portugal, brought quite high and unexpected temperatures of 34° Celsius, so we deserved really some coolness then which we found at diverse tremendous places of the town. This small photographic overview is not at all comprehensive as we have just been around 3 days in town, you better calculate more time for this truly fascinating town on a possible future trip.

19th century park pavillon at Jardim da Estrela with blossoming trees

Small road at upper Alfama leading down to river Tejo

View on the interior yard of Belem monastery (UNESCO world heritage)

Typical pavement of black/white scobbletones and optical illusion

Nice corner with restaurant near the old cathedral

Dadaist grafitti in house ruins near Castelo de São Jorge

Old narrow street leading on one of the diverse hills

Elevador de Santa Justa, a lift connecting 2 quarters of the city

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      1. Very true. Prazer = Placer, etc. And Spanish and Portuguese only separated recently as languages. 15th century I think. But it’s a good example of how a language evolves with geography. Same goes with Dutch and German. Portuguese is a favourite language of mine. Até logo.

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  1. It was a real pleasant journey (afterwards 1 week Algarve in the South-West), now I think it is more rainy but the dry somehow semi-desertic looking interior country – which we have seen when travelling from Lisboa to the Lagos region – really deserves some more water. I have also learned meanwhile that in the ranking of safe countries world-wide Portugal holds the 3rd rank.


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