Now I understand the name of the place much better, because it seems that an invisible hammer of decay and time-passed-by has just hit some of the buildings there severely overnight.

Location: Hammer-Unterwiesenthal, Ore Mountains
with real winter weather in early January 2016

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Some snow already in the Ore Mountains this year by end of October. So the winter tourists will soon return, mostly for country ski, otherwise much more houses would look alike in this quite remote area near the Czech border.


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    1. A real wide topic, I had a bone fracture at my left elbow mid of September but in this case healing progressed rapidly, so after around 2 weeks I could use the arm slightly again. Such “miracle” not to be expected each and everywhere.

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    1. A borderland like here usually is always very interesting because you can cross a border in both directions, but there to be found also a no-mans-land somewhere in the mountains and forests, pontoon to the still un-imagined. Best wishes @ Ulli


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