Various rays go out from the sun, and some of them when they strike an object cause light to scatter in its diverse colors and heat to be felt. So the whole vegetable world may be considered as a vast mill receiving its motorpower from the sun. But in November this special power regularly dissolves here in the Northern hemisphere, the days get rapidly shorter, and with the leaves falling down from the trees and plants retreating again to the deep undergrounds the color green simply disappears mostly in nature.

Green means for us a very particular color while we are living on a stone planet where plants emerged on the vast countrysides only 200 million years ago. So green was the first brilliant color sucessfully appearing on our planet Earth, before all was just looking more dark-greyish-brown like today in the very high mountains. Red appeared in fact much later in nature, so green sticks deep in our mind and genomic memories as a symbol of primordial life.

And plants took finally over all parts of the planet, even severe conditions not preventing their distribution like this alien looking cactus in the photo above. So for the first animals it was of great advantage to discover the plants more easily on the soil and subsequently learned to recognize the color green. At some remote period the red color became a part of nature, and a lot of animals also learned to observe this. But there are still some primates where just females can realize red and green, but the males only green.

So the green color represents an essential and original matter of our evolutionary being. Good to be not a cat in this regard which can only distinguish black and white because more is not required during an endless night.




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    1. Now facing much cooler temperatures I really like to remember to Portugal, Lissabon and the Algarve. An interesting capital and spectacular beaches in the South where we stood at Luz where we found more British than Portuguese, so no problem to order British breakfast there in a real Pub. Another kind of Brexit?!


    1. My urban metropole region allows fortunately a lot of diverse perspectives and visions, only the noon flower photographed on our balcony and still blossoming, quite strange in November.


  1. How are British pubs going? Here in Australia many are closing down. Beer drinking has been overtaken by wine sipping. Most pubs survive by changing into child-friendly restaurants.
    Here, in Australia, the summer is slow in coming and even had snow yesterday down to 800 metres. Heaters on at full blast!

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    1. Migrants are often a bit conservative, they stick to the traditions of their former homeland but they preserve this as it used to be when they left. So in Brazil you will find German migrants in the 5th or 6th generation who created some kind of a German disneyland there at their town with Oktoberfest, etc. Their German is antique and oldfashioned because it did not change in 150 years. If they really returned to Germany it would be quite strange and foreign for them. And beer-drinking is quite trendy even in Italy such withdrawing the traditional wine to some extent, the fruits of globalization.


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