When I visited Penzlin Castle some time ago, the small tour allowed a view into the old smoke kitchen but when entering, the room entirely was just black and dark, only some details and corners were rarely illuminated by small spotlights.

The open fire-place itself was not really visible and all appeared quite spooky although this really used to be the place where meals were cooked for the former owner of the ancient castle and his guests. So here you get only a more imaginative idea of how primordial, rural, smoky and simple life used to be mostly during these medieval times.

This photo shows a view of the funnel vault from 1520 with a 12 m high chimney which was also utilized for smoking fish or meat. The light conditions were really poor but at least some tools did emerge from this more creepy darkness.

But where to find an espresso machine? Even coffee not available for breakfast just wine and beer those days, the socalled medieval diet.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Kitchen


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  1. Smoking food was used to preserve food. We were at Whitby, UK many years ago and there was one of the last genuine kipper smoking factory still open to the public. I like smoked food but I heard it can be cancer causing!

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    1. Oh no, Debbie, I do not like to imagine a life without coffee which is a real passion for me. I am a traditionalist respectively using only a handfilter for this. Besides we also have the traditional Italian ‘cafeteria’ for making espresso or cappucino. This is a real progress in comparison to medieval times. This smoke kitchen was honestly the more harmless part of this castle, so I am really happy to live today. Best wishes @ Ulli

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