Spanish Flag (Ipomoea lobata)

The plant originates in South-Western Mexico and blossoms till October. More than 500 different Ipomoea species are actually known, this Spanish Flag above now found a real secure place in the small varied jungle of our balcony being very well visited by wild humble-bees, ants and honeybees.

Some Ipomoea species are renowned for their properties in folk medicine, herbalism and even ayurveda. Seeds of Mexican Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) were thus used by Aztecs and Zapotecs in religious and shamanistic rituals, their remaining sites and buildings remind us also of this.

Uxmal, Temple of the Magician,  Yucatan,  Mexico


CEE’s Flower of the Day Challenge of 6 June 2018

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    1. Thank you, I found this only by coincidence now in Spring here in a flower-shop after seeing this before in some kind of botanical garden last year. It now reminds me every day to several short visits of very fascinating Mexico D.F. and Yucatan peninsula long time ago.


      1. Hmmm. I’d forgotten about Charnay. (Thanks for the reminder) I was more aware of Catherwood. Went to Uxmal in ’78 for the first time. Still one of the greatest Maya sites. 🙂
        (Did you see Yaxchilan on the Usumacinta?)

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      2. Unfortunately not, only Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Templo Major in Mexiko D.F. and Teohiuatacan as I was in Mexico only on few short business trips. However Uxmal was really the most original and magical place of all when visited in December 1999 – memories still thrilling my mind today. And sitting on Merida’s central place at night was also very nice. Hasta la vista! @ Ulli

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      3. Christmas in Mexico what a nice idea for the future – I need only to convince the person who takes care also of this flower. Till now not really successful. May be the perspective of gold and silver may change the game? A bientôt Brian

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