A malicious ghost is creeping again over the streets of Europe, it is the spirit of simplified truths and self-proclaimed saviors of occident as a whole . The nationalist ideologies of 19th and 20th century are on the verge to a disgusting revival in many countries.

Those responsible politicians – harmlessly named as populists – have initiated a postmodern witch-hunt, the victims of this unproclaimed war today comprise refugees, foreigners or people of different belief and way to live. The globalization of this retrogressive zeitgeist has opened new battlefields where peace should be.

These ruthless ideologists want to put the clock back, what implies the risk of warming up old already forgotten conflicts. Like unscrupulous pupils in magic the radical nationalists have lighted blazing fires and stakes everywhere in Europe and elsewhere which need to be urgently extinguished  again.



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  1. I agree with the cat, to wit: “Discriminate against everyone equally.” I will note, however, that cats generally don’t go out of their way to inflict harm, unless they are hungry or threatened. They are too lazy.

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  2. While some countries in Europe are digging up ghosts from the past and fomenting anti refugee sentiments sprinkled with nationalism, here in Australia, seemingly so far from the wars fought in the Middle East, are not free from those either. Here too, we are shouting naughty words; invasion, refugees, boats, blacks, Moslem, drugs etc.

    Governments are cleverly using scary catchwords and fear and hope this will induce panic so that they will remain in power.

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