The European Union’s fate could be decided by how it deals with the question of refugees and migration. In Germany, national-chauvinist politicians are pushing to close again the borders such destroying the Schengen Zone being a real progress on this continent. At the frontier from Germany to Poland you may observe actually only the usual sporadic controls by German or Polish customs officers. But at the border to Austria there are already federal police controls which shall be widened.

The German Interior Minister Seehofer is one of the many  radical-nationalist ghosthunters in this regard who had already promised to resign what he has not done so far. Instead of following up his other important tasks, such as taking care of urgently required new houses and affordable appartments, since many weeks he only promotes extremist steps against migration although only very few refugees do come to Europe at the moment. And on the recent EU summit nobody has discussed about the question why the people are forced to flee to Europe and what could be done so that they can stay and live furthermore in their homeland under acceptable conditions. This nationalist discourse sees the migrants not as human beings which simply need our help.

More than 100,000 people have already signed a petition asking the German Interior Minister to step back as promised. If you want to joint it, you can do so under the following link:



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    1. For the beginning some human respect for strangers would not be bad, a friendly attitude also very good, open-minded approaches even better. Migration is a normal process of history, hence pluralistic and varied societies are normally also much more creative and innovative. This is a driving force which will be successful on the long-term as in the past.


      1. You’re so right, Ulli. Migration has been part of the human experience since the beginning of time, and multicultural societies are the most innovative and creative. Why can’t people realize that?

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    1. A ticking blondy time bomb, not accepting the souvereignty of other countries, loafing now with brachial impertinence thru European capitals this week. Unbelievable disgusting and dangerous !

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  1. The idiotic nationalism of 19th century should be overcome with the EU as a peacekeeping organization. Why does Merkel not simply sack this questionable person in her government immediately?

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