“Getting to the top is optional.
Getting down is mandatory.” (Ed Viesturs)

How good to have been in the mountains of the Austrian Alps again for enjoying the fresh air, a tremendous nature and much cooler temperatures in the amazing and varied heights of Eastern-Tyrole. So here you will find some photographic impressions as a result of our excursions in order to escape the very pressing  summer’s heat of 2013.

linked to:   Lens Artists Weekly Photo Challenge – Time to relax


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I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist.


  1. What truly lovely photographs and they recalled my few holidays in Austria. The scenery is so wonderful that I often just wanted to sit and let its beauty take over instead of picking up my walking poles and venturing ever onwards! But walk one has to if only to get rid of the food which Austrians make one eat! To refuse is to leave a host feeling unhappy.

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    1. Hi maristravels, thanks for your liking and kind comment. Indeed, it’s not always easy to find the ideal balance between rushing forward and admiring the beauty of the landscape – including the marvellous sound of cow bells!


  2. Such lovely pictures! Thank you so much for sharing. The house in the 3rd picture is amazingly unique. And, that quote (Getting to the top is optional.Getting down is mandatory) I always hear from guides whenever I trek to the Himalayas.

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      1. Hello Beatrice, I just started following banactee recently. Do you and Ulli write in the same blog? Just asking out of curiosity. Hope I am not seeming intrusive. And if I am, please just ignore my question 🙂

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    1. Indeed, it was refreshing (apart from the sweat due to our climbing activities) and topped only by taking a rest in one of these nice alpine hut-restaurants and eating a delicious ‘Apfelstrudel’!

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    1. Beatrice very busy today, so I thank you for your small remarks and memories. In fact I have been nearby Fuschl when being much smaller than today at Mondsee, but that is really long time ago. It was anyhow good for bathing there, and I got introduced to “Marillenknödel” and “Kaiserschmarrn”, so far I can remember. Have a nice day @ Ulli


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