When gazing through the eternal holes of reality all seems just to be immediately escaping to nowhere. Now face the real urgent need to put again together the pieces which desiring belong to each other since eons in order to stumble over a weird glimpse on the distant horizon vanishing in darkblue fragile stretches of water – our original homeland. 


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suburban tracks

I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist. Nature, history of ancient sites or creative works are fascinating me however also abandoned places or ordinary things can be just magical and amazing. The multiple aspects and rich diversity of our blue planet need to be however nourished and protected. Please be so kind to respect that all texts, graphics or photos in this blog are protected by copyright. Thank you in advance for appreciation and understanding.

3 thoughts on “STRUCTURES ON THE RUN”

    1. I appreciate your kind words, and “What about” to be found always at the left bottom of each post/page or in my gravatar as well. I have varied interests and topics, so diversity in my blog for me really very important! A nice day and thanks for passing by @ Ulli


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