Do trees fall asleep? Well at least they droop and do relax their branches at night which might be a sign of snoozing between dusk and dawn.


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I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist. Nature, history of ancient sites or creative works are fascinating me however also abandoned places or ordinary things can be just magical and amazing. The multiple aspects and rich diversity of our blue planet need to be however nourished and protected. Please be so kind to respect that all texts, graphics or photos in this blog are protected by copyright. Unless otherwise mentioned by naming the individuali author, creator, designer or photographer all copyrights hold by suburban tracks. Thank you in advance for appreciation and kind understanding.

22 thoughts on “FADING LIGHT”

  1. I would believe they do fall asleep, just that their sleep is hundred times lighter than ours. I’m reading a book called the ‘Hidden Life of Trees’, that deals with trees as social beings – quite interesting.
    That picture is so gorgeous.

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  2. Good question! Mimosas fold up their leaves at night. I like to believe some trees sleep in the cold winter months. If I have to prune them, that’s when I do it, before they start to bud again.

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