You may have heard of the mythical menhirs (i. e. standing stones) in connection with the comic Asterix and Obelix but in fact they may be discovered in many countries of Europe, not only in Brittany. So when I learned that one example of megalithic culture can be found just 150 kms from my home at Langeneichstädt near the city of Halle in Germany, I had to go and see this place.

The menhir of Langeneichstädt (ca. 3,600 – 2,700 BC)

When visiting the neolithic site of Langeneichstädt comprising an ancient menhir and a stone cist grave in 2017 on 3 November (i. e. shortly after All Saints Day), former visitors had left fresh flowers at the place ritually to my real great surprise – hence I did hesitate instinctively moving forward for a while.

Carving on the menhir said to symbolize the dolmin goddess

Such places at times imply special energies and dynamics because a little bit later I heard a clear, mysterious and yelling voice out of nowhere although nobody else could be seen somewhere except me.  May be it was only the wind, you might certainly argue, but the incident made me shivering immediately while not finally falling into absolute delusive panic like people in the dark novels of H. P.  Lovecraft.

Cover-stones of the stone cist grave (ca. 3,600 – 2,700 BC)

A however deep and ice-cold irritation made me leaving this primeval location much faster than planned with the clear agenda not to return so soon again. A baffling and surreal message from the past must have passed my way at this very moment.

View inside the pristine burial place of Langeneichstädt



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I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist. Nature, history of ancient sites or creative works are fascinating me however also abandoned places or ordinary things can be just magical and amazing. The multiple aspects and rich diversity of our blue planet need to be however nourished and protected. Please be so kind to respect that all texts, graphics or photos in this blog are protected by copyright. Unless otherwise mentioned by naming the individuali author, creator, designer or photographer all copyrights hold by suburban tracks. This is moreover an AWARD FREE BLOG! Thank you in advance for appreciation and kind understanding. COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED IN GERMAN, FRENCH OR ENGLISH!

15 thoughts on “OBSCURE MENHIR EVENT”

    1. Oh does this loathsome tunnel still exist? So far I remember it was always quite sloppy since the 80s. From these wild 80s I still have a cassette with tunnelmusic produced there. Must look for it now. Thank you for reminding me to this abandoned place!

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      1. Only a small part of it exists and they’re currently working on it. Not sure what they’re doing. I can only imagine how it was in the 80s, though I have some idea. The word Harnröhre comes to mind.

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      2. Oh yes, your imagination is quite right in regard of the tunnel. Sorry, I have forgotten to tell you that you will need a car for a visit of this remote place with the menhir somewhere in the countryside. And nearby there are much more sites like this if you are interested. The archeological museum in Halle is in any case worth a visit which shows the famous “Sky disc of Nebra”. More detailed information on the following website (German):



  1. How strange to hear that yelling mysterious voice out of nowhere when you didn’t see another soul. It seems you did receive a baffling and surreal message. Maybe there are some powers that reside there that we humans cannot understand.

    Is this a new blog for you? Or did you just change the name? Thanks for the link. I’ll add it to my next photography post on May 16. 🙂

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    1. I am a bit sensible in this regard what I personally call surreal experiences, but fortunately things that like did not happen very often in my life. For a 100 % secular person, this is a bit strange and weird. But certain things can not be explained, even science sounds partially quite crazy like modern physics, so things like that just happen eventually. After some unpleasant incidents in April (again mysterious comments from the Russian hacking community which brought some chaos to my blog last year) I was also forced to change the domain-adress again. And while doing this, I have also changed the name and layout of the blog for security reasons without further explanations. Nice weekend!


      1. Like you, I’m a bit sensible and skeptical about occurrences like these, but I do seem to encounter them from time to time, despite my skepticism. I’m sorry about your problems with your blog and the hacking. Thanks for clearing it up for me. I was a little confused. But it seemed like your writing, so I figured out something must have happened for you to change things. 🙂

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      2. I had only one real dramatic, frightening and traumatic experience in this surreal regard nearly 40 years ago. This inicident here not really harmful, but allthough strange. Some real bad energies sometimes cross our ways, and there had been certainly some crazy esoterical people at this place before me doing some kind of ritual of whatever kind while leaving flowers at the place as their sign what irritated me from the beginning.


      3. And I will never blog about it. Need to think quickly now of something else and nice again, and fortunately, I am familiar with mental tools like hypnosis. But it was good to hear from your similar stories and respective doubts.

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  2. “Walls have ears. Doors have eyes. Trees have voices. Beasts tell lies. Beware the rain. Beware the snow. Beware the man. You think you know.”

    Songs of Sapphique

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