If only trees could talk to us. What strange stories would then submerge subsequently from densely wooded grounds like this weird forested site in the very North-West of Poland?

This most curious natural monument is situated Southern from the city centre of Gryfino at Nowe Czarnowo in Western Pomerania near the border to Germany. The fairytale forest consists of at least 80 pine trees showing a mysterious deformity and shape (other sources name 400 pine trees, but I have not counted them while being there). All of the trees have the same northward 90-degree bend at the base of their limb but despite bent beginnings, all of the trees have grown to be tall and seemingly unhampered by this deformation. There are traces of rowed plantings, however, the majority of trees are scattered about the normal pines. Some of them are in small groupings.

The most popular theory about how the trees became crooked is that a group of German farmers planted these trees in the 1930s, intentionally damaging the base in order to create some sort of product, perhaps uniquely shaped furniture.Β  The world may never know if it’s true because the German farmers were unable to finish their work due to their forced migration after World War II.

Others assume that a snowstorm could have knocked the trees like this, freezing them into a bent position until the snow and ice melted in spring.Β  There are plenty of trees in the area, all of which grow upright from the base without the funky curve distinct of the crooked trees. So the Crooked Wood remains an odd occurrence and unsolved mystery of exceptional green.

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I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist. Nature, history of ancient sites or creative works are fascinating me however also abandoned places or ordinary things can be just magical and amazing. The multiple aspects and rich diversity of our blue planet need to be however nourished and protected. Please be so kind to respect that all texts, graphics or photos in this blog are protected by copyright. Thank you in advance for appreciation and understanding.


    1. I have read that a certain bending technique of trees exists likely for making special furniture, parts of boats and things like that. However, this area was devastated in WW II, the Germans who lived there had to leave and the region was completely abandoned till 1970 when new life started with the construction of a power plant next to this forest. So the Polish people living there today which came from other regions do really not know the detailed history of the place or possible explanations for the crooked trees. Thanks for the comment.

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    1. Well, all the plants do exist much longer than our human species, nearly 500 millions of years. So they must have in fact discovered intelligent strategies of survival which till today are not completely understood by us. This is amazing.


    1. This is now a lovely and peaceful place of common German and Polish history. The borders are now widely open for easy travelling in both directions what will hopefully continue in the coming future.


  1. What a mysterious forest! My assumption is that the farmers used some special tubes. They applied it on the tree, forcing it to grow only within the tube. But we will never know πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing this extraordinary destination!

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    1. I was astonished how many people were loafing around at that place, not ideal for making photos. But it was early Friday afternoon so the local people started their weekend there enjoying the nice weather, the wood or picnic. Thanks for the comment and suggestion with the tube.

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    1. I do not remember how I became aware of this site a few months ago before going there now in May. The place is not completely unknown, also the “New York Times” has already written about it. But I am sure, even a lot of people in Poland will not heard about it so far. Did not check whether it is mentioned in tourist guides as a local curiosity. May be.


    1. Thank you very much, well it is not my theory but such curved trees i. e. normally oaks also known as “compass timbers” for wooden ship constructions, so the furniture idea seems to be more suitable because pine trees like here are often taken for such. But nobody knows for sure. How nice.


    2. Thank you very much, well it is not my theory but such curved trees i. e. normally oaks also known as “compass timbers” for wooden ship constructions, so the furniture idea seems to be more suitable because pine trees like here are often taken for such. But nobody knows for sure. How nice. Best regards @ Ulli


  2. This is such an amazing looking grove – that mystery adds to the allure of it and I cant believe I have never heard of it before. Thank you for sharing something so unique about a tree in this linkup!!

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    1. Thank you so much. I have already written some months ago about another strange natural place in Poland which is the “Roots Gorge” in the very South-East near Kazimierz Dolny being also worth a visit. Have a nice day!


  3. That is so amazing! I had never seen a thing so interesting like this one. I am now curious to know why the trees are like this? There is sure some science behind this. So glad you decided to share this and join Thursday Tree Love. Welcome and looking forward to seeing you on the 23rd. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks a lot for getting back to me, and I am glad you found this interesting. Unfortunately no explanation for this weird occurrence, just theories and ideas. The resilience of plants sometimes just a nice mistery on flexible paths to go. Actually, no new posts planned for the next weeks, but in case an amazing plant passes my way, I will not forget to mention it again in your ThursdayTrees for sure. All the best in the time being @ Ulli

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    1. An interesting place for sure while the direct surrounding area is not so spectacular, just normal countryside, but in the INTERNATIONAL PARK LOWER ODER VALLEY not far away a lot of nice places. And this natural reserve to be found both on Polish and German site of the river Oder which is also the borderline here. Here cranes passing by for a rest in Autumn from Scandinavia towards the South. Need to go there again this year. Thanks for passing by again.

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