In early June 2019 we spent again some days on the varied and ancient island of Usedom in the Baltic Sea which is connected by two shorter bridges with the German mainland being separated from the island only by the river Peene and huge coastal backwaters.

Anklam Gate in the old Hanseatic City of Usedom

Rural countryside near Mellenthin Castle

Usedom lies in Western-Pomerania (Vorpommern) and on the European Route of Brick Gothic architecture. In German there exists an old lullaby featuring Pomerania and sounding in fact more like a nightmare: “Maikäfer flieg, der Vater ist im Krieg, die Mutter ist im Pommernland, Pommernland ist abgebrannt.”  The besetting content most probably goes back to the Seven-Years-War (1756-1763) when the Swedish army devastated great parts of Pomerania. Why this dramatical song is used for making children sleep, likely remains a secret for me.

Abandoned barn near Grüssow

Hiking on the coastal path from Grüssow to Warthe

Today however, the island of Usedom means just a real nice and peaceful place at the wild shores of the Baltic Sea. In hot summers it is usually much cooler than on the mainland. You will find there long white beaches and spas, big forests with inland lakes, dreamy villages, old castles and beautiful natural reserves.

The medieval church of Rankwitz

Wildness at the natural reserve Lieper Winkel

We did some hiking on bikes which allows very well to reach the remote and original sites of this island. Some of these amazing and stunning places are featured here on a few photos which require to return sometime in the very future.

Ancient blue fisher house with a thatched roof at Warthe

Bathing area of Dewichow with view on the backwaters

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Ancient

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I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist. Nature, history of ancient sites or creative works are fascinating me however also abandoned places or ordinary things can be just magical and amazing. The multiple aspects and rich diversity of our blue planet need to be however nourished and protected. Please be so kind to respect that all texts, graphics or photos in this blog are protected by copyright. Unless otherwise mentioned by naming the individuali author, creator, designer or photographer all copyrights hold by suburban tracks. This is moreover an AWARD FREE BLOG! Thank you in advance for appreciation and kind understanding. COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED IN GERMAN, FRENCH OR ENGLISH!


    1. Beim Schreiben fiel mir diese Strophe des Wiegenliedes wieder ein, und es interessierte mich natürlich auch der geschichtliche Hintergrund. Bei der Recherche sind mir natürlich auch andere Liedversionen über den Weg gelaufen, aber diese Strophe hier ist einfach sehr prägnant und expressiv. Danke für all die freundlichen Hinweise und Ergänzungen. Einen schönen Tag derweil @ Ulli

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    1. 🛌 I am no expert in lullabies 💤 But this is part of a very common one which exists in many versions, and this verse one of the various options. In fact a bit strange that old history preserved in such a manner till today in daily used language. Nice weekend 😎

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      1. One of the tale collections by the Grimm Brothers now UNESCO World Heritage, so it may be difficult to ban them. But in fact a lot of violent action also in not so well-known regional and local traditions, tales and myths. Petrificstion of human beings a very widespread element whereever just to name one. Time to create other stories ….😇

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      2. Well those tales were a reflection of their times too. Lots of violence then. And it seems to be coming back. Don’t know about Germany, but in France there doesn’t to be a without a stabbing or other. It seems many people are now carrying knives! So yes, other stories, please.

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      3. In Germany the total number of violent crimes much lower than 20 years ago. But in contrast the people feel more insecure which is also due to stupid media coverage. What has increased for sure is violence from the extremist right, but also by migrants (Germany took many of them since 2015, so this is not astonishing). We were invited for fastbreaking by Turks 10 das ago, a very peaceful event. The speech of the Imam reminded me really to Catholic preachings in fact, so it was an interesting relaxed evening. ✌

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      4. Strange and sad. I’ve lived in Africa (west and east, not south), and in Latin America for 30 years. I see it as the result of exploding corruption, and the disappearance of the state. My wife is Colombian, and it’s the same sh.. all over the continent. Very sad, really.
        Enjoy peace.

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    1. Dieses Mal haben wir ehr das Achterwasser gesehen, den Lieper Winkel und Einsamkeit entlang der Peene (der Weg war allerdings ziemlich furchtbar und auch ermüdend zum Radfahren, daher davon auch keine Fotos). Auf jeden Fall kommen wir aber wieder irgendwann zurück, denn das ist quasi unsere Badewanne ums Eck. Sonnige Grüsse aus Berlin @ Ulli

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  1. Hallo Ulli,
    die Badewanne Berlins, ich weiss…damals in den 20ern als die Hochbrücke noch funktionierte und man mit der Bahn in weniger als 2 Stunden in Ahlbeck und co. war…aber passt auf das die Hamburger diesmal nicht schneller sind 🙂 s.meine Beiträge 3.März.2018/29Mai2013, von Ahlbeck Fotos ganz zu schweigen…gerade die Ecke um die Hochbrücke ist toll aber wie überall auf Usedom ist dr Autoverkehr heftig,,,das wird nur noch durch den Verkehr auf Rügen getippt ! Wünsche entspannte Pfingsttage, lieber Gruss, Jürgen

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    1. Usedom very attractive for birds, also 18 pairs of sea eagles living there for instance. And in spring and autumn you may discover also cranes during their annual wanderings sometimes. Thanks for passing by!

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    1. Via booking.com you can find also not so expensive accomodation on the Island (then you are not directly at the Baltic sea). A bicycle can be rented everywhere on the Island easily. Hope this info is of interest 🙂


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