You are crazy, my child.
You must go to Berlin.

Franz von Suppé, 1800

Especially in spring an irresistible desire for yet another unknown land emerges suddenly at dusk somewhere in the nowhere. Time for a small picture story of Berlin through enigmatic shallows and at multiple urban shores.

Can you hear me?

Word War II and the later division of Berlin have led to a lot of unused infrastructure, railways, empty factories and abandoned places till today. So there are really many possibilities getting lost in the labyrinth of the town.

Looking for enlightenment in a deserted factory at Treptow

Kitsch in an allotment garden at Charlottenburg

The city is changing quickly every day, but the spirit used to be indeed much more rebellious here in former times. Some wild street art reflects these eternal inflammatory ambitions sprouting from undergrounds.

Mural at Kreuzberg near Moritzplatz

Former railway tunnel at natural park Südgelände-Gleisdreieck

Large urban areas are covered with lakes and endless woods on sandy soil left by glaciers of the last ice age. Here the approaching predatory and brutal gentrification of many city districts does not play any role so far.

Krossinsee at Köpenick in early April

The journey is not yet over here – just a short excursion of my homeland today, thanks for reading.

Painting at Bernauer Str. reminding to Berlin’s division (1961-1989)



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suburban tracks

I like travelling through the diverse realities and cultures of this world not only as a tourist. Nature, history of ancient sites or creative works are fascinating me however also abandoned places or ordinary things can be just magical and amazing. The multiple aspects and rich diversity of our blue planet need to be however nourished and protected. Please be so kind to respect that all texts, graphics or photos in this blog are protected by copyright. Unless otherwise mentioned by naming the individuali author, creator, designer or photographer all copyrights hold by suburban tracks. This is moreover an AWARD FREE BLOG! Thank you in advance for appreciation and kind understanding. COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED IN GERMAN, FRENCH OR ENGLISH!

15 thoughts on “ELEMENTAL ABUNDANCE”

    1. Berlin is now on the way to a normal capital but still very exciting indeed. Hence, now even the optical shop around my corner sponsors street-art – as advertisement – on a distribution box before his shop, quite funny also. Hmmh, makes me wonder if this is still the original wild expression of art? Mentally there are still differences between East and West of Germany, not so much in Berlin. Real wounds, I am not sure, you can now hike with the bike where once the bloody wall divided the town, the Mauer-Weg, a nice round of only 160 km around the town on paths formerly used by the soldiers of GDR army. A real nice use and mutation of this place. A real wound is the new airport which never gets ready, now 6 years or more after the schedule due to mismanagement for which nobody assumes responsibility. Will it ever open in the near future like promised a dozen of times? I would not bet on it. Cheers.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Street art will likely be deviated soon form its original purpose. But until then? Let’s enjoy the freedom.
        The airport? That happens everywhere. Delays, delays, overbudget and no-one goes to jail.
        Here in mexico, the new president has canceled the new airport at about 30-40% completion. It may cost more to pay the contractors than to finish the airport.

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      2. Now it just came again to my mind, that I have already done some “street-art” nearly 40 years ago while spraying ALL HAIL THE GAGA to a wall in Berlin which seems to be still applicable. From the late 70s and early 80s there are however still a few more valuable works and murals here in town (like the WorldTree by Ben Wagin). One artist named Gerd Neuhaus worked from 1977 till 2016 on house facades also in Berlin, and works of him do still exist till today. In the actual hype these roots are often easily forgotten. And you are right, let’s enjoy whereever. A bientot.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. 40 years ago? That was 1979. I take it you were in West Berlin? The Vopo on the East most assuredly did not appreciate spraying. 🙂
        Looked up the world tree, in Tiergarten, right? Impressive.
        Neuhaus? Just “saw” the Phoenix ship. Great work.
        It seems to me after reflection that street art is a way to humanize our soulless cities. (And take advantage of those huge blank walls.
        Thanks for the references.
        A +

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I came to West-Berlin in 1978, the only possibility not going to German army. Here in West-Berlin only the allied armies were allowed, so this special crazy status quo was attractive in this regard very much. Those days were quite different only 10 years after the students revolts. So the walled city created also a special kind of diverse subcultures. I have already shown the WorldTree from 1977 here in this blog, there is also one quite interesting work by Neuhaus from 2016 which i have still on my bucket-list to be shown here sometime. The contemporary street-art now made it even to the suburbs here and brings live to sleeping and more boring city districts with huge murals on odd skyscrapers of the 60s with 10 floors or more. Quite impressive to see somewhere in the nowhere. Take care.

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      5. At least you had an option! 🙂 In France I had none. So I spent my 12 months in a combat regiment inside a Marine Infantry Division. 12 months with 112 days of manoeuvers all across the country, but mainly in Brittany, and mainly in the winter. Hated it but I must admit we were well prepared in case of War… I still know the handling of an 81mm mortar by heart. Tsss.
        A bientôt.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, these are just some examples and there is now really so much street-art in town, that it is difficult to know each and everything. I would say that is now more commonly acknowledged but commercial aspects also popping up. There are still a lot of wild and original places like “Teufelsberg” or “VEB Kühlomat / Airport Johannisthal” but with the establishment with an Urban Art Museum here some time ago a certain contradiction has been implemented in this culture and way to express. This subculture is changing quickly however a lot of what you have seen 2 years ago should still exist. And each day new works are created somewhere. Have a nice day!


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