Echoes in the Mist

The Great White Egret

By the smoke-ringed rains,

Where a time that never really was,

Of butterflies

And bees

That buzz,


A tall bird stood

Who came from the forest

Of alder trees

From the winding wood,

Alone, wandering,

Seeking a way of speaking,

Remembering the tales of an ancient day,

Forgetting the present,

Standing still in the wind,

Watching the fish for a moment,

In the sea, leaping

In the sunlit sea,

In the lights that danced,


Hearing the distant call

Of dolphins,

And the laughter of otters

Who lived in the bay,

In the haunted lagoon,

Among the phantom ships,

So tall,

With opalescent sails.

But no one is there,


The seas on the shore so gently fall

Where the melodies of the moon

Encircle the stones that arise

Where the fairies

Sang and spun their magic spells

Still the tall bird dwells

By the shore, wading,

His toes…

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