Bavaria is one of the richest German regions lying in the very South of the country. Hence, cities and villages usually look just perfectly arranged and very tidy. So I was really happy to find in direct neighbourhood of such proper order in the old city of Dingolfing at Lower Bavaria something else: an amazing rotten site simply forgotten by the course of time and modern history.


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    1. Thank you … just one of my intuitive findings on travelling when going to a bakery very early in the morning where this site just lying around the corner quite unexpectedly. Making photos just the 2nd step and a nice game for me usually ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I so enjoyed looking through these photos. Just the sort of place I like to wander through and imagine all the stories and folks who have lived there. Such history is very compelling, perhaps because I live in a historically young country? Did you mean to link this to my abandoned theme last time I posted on Friendly Friday? Or the remote theme for this week? Either way I am glad you linked so I could see this.

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    1. I feel quite often at such places the energies left by former residents clearly (which may be also very negative at times). The past continues in the presence, but I think there are no fixed rules for this – definitely a basis of spooky and mythical stories which always fascinated people here on our Earth.

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