When I see the news in TV it embarasses me that the true effects of climate change in my country are only seldomky to be seen. Weather reports indicate again nice and dry weather although the lands would just require 2 or 3 weeks of continuous rain. This effectively means that the drought which commenced in April 2018 continues in large areas of Germany. The featured photo above of a lake looks seemingly nice, but something is wrong because the reeds are not standing in water anymore as usual, instead you see a new created sandy beach due to missing rain.

Desertificating bank of Bernsteinsee / Amberlake near Prenden, Brandenburg

Now also ecological borderland – view on German Frankfurt/Oder from Polish Slubice

On the last photo you should see normally the river Oder being the borderline of Germany and Poland here. But instead we just observe a predominant huge sandbank which made the river simply vanishing to nearly nothing optically on this not modified picture. Well, the river is still there behind the sandbank but with much less water than normally. Now, I can imagine why deserts are growing worldwide.

All photos here just actual messengers of the ongoing climate change shot in Eastern-Germany, August 2019.



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    1. What I have forgotten to mention that since 2018 more than 110,000 ha of forest in Germany already destroyed by the heat, drought and bark beetles (which spread easily due to the already stressed, weakened and dead trees).

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  1. Yes, climate change can be seen through out the world. It is sad to see countries that need rain and are receiving none. It is the opposite here – we have had an over abundance of rain for several years with much destruction from flooding. How, I wish we could share some of our rain with your country. Very sad to see the problems in the world now.

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      1. Interesting. Sometimes we are warm and the state to the South of us will get ice and snow during the Fall and Winter. Seems so odd.

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      1. Imagine a rag system, the more functional individual’s become governing bodies, the are the ones in green and cannot see past themselves..

        We’re as amber and red are naturally and emotionally better equipped to feel and sence danger..

        Nothing will change until the system changes.. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ’™

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      2. That could be the case..

        But the world seam’s to have supported life since life began with ease..

        We plough the seeds and scatter and human regulates growth in most animals, besides birds..

        Take all this into account and that is a lot of meals at any one time.. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ’™

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