In the countryside, somewhere in the nowhere on midsummer day, we passed by this road sign that aroused our curiosity because a French village name in Central-Germany is quite exceptional. Monplaisir stands just for my pleasure so one would normally expect a beautiful place what turned out to be a complete error.

In reality it is one of the ugliest places I have ever seen – abandoned and neglected buildings, a lousy road, industrial facilities, a solar park and at the very end of the road a stinky, daunting and oversized pig farm using Monplaisir in its enterprise name, an example of ruthless agro-business and factory farming. So if you want to become a vegetarian or simply intend to reduce your meat consumption, a visit here might be very helpful indeed.


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12 thoughts on “MONPLAISIR – A TYPICAL FAKE”

    1. Good question but historical Infos turned out to be rather limited . It must have looked much nicer in any case in former times . Since the mid 18th century there used to be an ageicultural domain owned by a noble landlord at this place. But why a French name? Well Napoleon Bonaparte lost the battle of Möckern just 20 kms away in the early 19th century. So may be somebody just said “My pleasure” and took this as a French name, not so probable. More reasonable, in the 18th century this used to be part of the Prussian kingdom, and at the Prussian royal court French was the language of conversation for noble people those days, and German the language for the ordinary population. So may be the noble landowner found a French name more chic and ‘en vogue’ for his domain. Just my assumptions, no explanations found anywhere . Have a nice day!

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  1. It is just a question of taste, and the man who gave the place it’s name maybe had other preferences. I think, the name makes sence if you change the perspective: It is his pleasure, not yours. 😉

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    1. Der Name hat sicherlich einmal Sinn gemacht, nur heute passt er leider nicht mehr zu der vorgefundenen scheußlichen Realität. Und ein Massenbetrieb für Schweinezucht der sich noch mit diesem schönen Namen MONPLAISIR ziert, das ist wirklich purer Zynismus, denn die Schweine haben in diesen Massenbetrieben in der Regel ein erbärmliches und unwürdiges Leben. Schönen Abend und beste Grüße aus Berlin!

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      1. Ja, die Liste der von uns verschandelten ehemals schönen Plätze ist leider lang. Und die Benennung hinkt dann hinterher. Dieser Zynismus ist weit verbreitet.
        Liebe Grüße, Richard

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