The picture above shows the colorant facade of an occupied house in West-Berlin from the early 1980s. This creative artwork delivers quite well the massive rebellious spirit of those days when there were more than 130 squatter houses downtown, and I used to live in one of them, a real crazy time. May be therefore ruins attract me very much till today?!

Simply like holidays, Havel river in summer, Berlin-Grunewald

Early morning in one of the many allotment gardens with view on an old water tower, Berlin-Westend

Rusty bridge to nowhere, Berlin-Charlottenburg

The railway system of Berlin used to be very different till WW II, quite similar to that in Paris with several stations (dead-ends) encircling the city centre. Hamburger Bahnhof  is now a museum, and Görlitzer Bahnhof a city park. This rusty bridge here used to be part of the already  forgotten freight station of Charlottenburg. 

Renaissance citadel of late 16th century, Berlin-Spandau

Collage by Saule Suleimenova, Berlin-Kreuzberg

This collage-work is made of hundreds of small plastic pieces assembled together, another form of ecological recycling. Strange, that it looks really more like a painting.

Crazy mural on Teufelsberg, Berlin-Grunewald

Home(land) is where you feel cozy and challenged at the same time. 

Urban idyll far away from the city centre, Berlin-Spandau

Graffiti in the endless ruins of VEB Kühlomat (former airport Johannisthal), Berlin-Treptow

The city full of contrasts, colorful, creative and flashy, but also with a lot of very quiet natural corners spread over the entire urban area.

Late afternoon view on Wannsee, Berlin-Zehlendorf

Suburban railways jungle of socalled Siemensbahn, Berlin-Siemensstadt

A must for all fans of Urbex (urban exploration) is the now unused Siemensbahn (suburban railways leading to Siemens City). It was built by Siemens company in the 1920s so that their employees could reach more easily the headquarter, administration offices and factories of the company. From 1946 till 1989 the suburban railways  were owned and run by the East-Berlin magistrate, also in West-Berlin like here. The administration of West-Berlin wanted to become independent and extended underground line no. 7 to Siemensstadt in the early 1980s. So people would use no longer the traditional Siemensbahn being closed as a consequence. One of many crazy stories from the time when the city was divided.

Dahlia beauty at Britzer Park, Berlin-Neukölln


“Paris is always Paris, but Berlin is never Berlin.”

(Jack Lang, former Culture Minister of France, 2001)

Take care and stay safe!


An intense ride and walk today to the elemental attitudes of quite green Berlin being equipped not only with lots of culture and visionary street-art but besides to be discovered also huge forests, rivers, lakes and numerous parks on the municipal territory.

Video by Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin

Berlin is sometimes also called capital of the wild animals, and in this video the Wildlife Officer of Berlin, Derk Ehlert, will show you some reasons for it. You can see for example Canadian wild geese, mandarin ducks from Asia or the European kingfisher in the very city centre at Tiergarten park not far from Brandenburg Gate. Unfortunately this video is only available in German, but pictures may also tell a story.

Forestal pond, Berlin-Grunewald

The ruins of freight station Berlin-Charlottenburg and after decades of decay now encircled by a wild and thick jungle

“We can use patterns from the previous era to guess at some features in such a new era. As each past era has felt its ways to be superior to the ways of prior eras, we may expect the next era to see their ways as superior to ours.” (The Age of EM, Robin Hanson)

Sand dunes, Berlin-Grunewald

Greened gasometer, Berlin-Marienfelde

Around 2,000 years ago forests were regarded in Central-Europe as holy locations,  so the woodlands meant the natural temple those days as already reported by the Roman historian Tacitus in Germania IX. This may explain somehow also the romantical view on this special location being virulent till today. Now nature is in any case wild as ever and beyound our control.

Krumme Laake is a tiny lake in the woods of Berlin-Müggelheim

Former railway facilities at natural park Gleisdreieck, Berlin-Schöneberg

With these pictures and impressions I am wishing you a nice and happy summer season whereever.


Zig-Zag of life

The graphic is a digitally remastered and transmutated photo showing a crazy way for bikers in Berlin. This biking trail was painted on a not very large path being used normally by pedestrians, but here each 5 or 10 m you have to turn your bike to the right or left. A normal use tends to be quite impossible and you also risk an accident with pedestrians. So this created some great laughters and  the question whether the planner of this obstacle course in the local administration has been drunken or high when designing the same.


K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: An Anime_ted Life!