Lillö lika varmt med moln som när det är soligt!-Lillo as hot with clouds as when it’s sunny!

At last we have had rain in Kristianstad after several weeks of drying and temperatures of around 30°C. It already started at 5 o’clock in the morning and continued throughout the day, except for an hour’s halt. When the watch was four in the afternoon and I was cycling home from work, it was pouring with rain! I was obviously soaking wet, but what did it, the rain is really needed. Here is a picture of beautiful Lillo without rain, the camera does not like water.


You will find more information about this area in Southern-Sweden, its nature or diverse birds here:


Bäcken som rinner från Hammarsjön-The creek that flows from Hammer lake.



Sunshine all the time makes a desert. (Arabic proverb)


Since mid of April a real wave of heat has struck wide parts of Europe leading to a real drought. It is obvious that the climate change is something real happening just now and here, and landscapes may change then very quickly their general appearance without water and rain.

A meadow then turns out to be a steppe within some weeks, and the rapidness of such a development is quite astonishing.The legacies of the last Ice Age are still to be found everywhere in form of erratics, lakes or glacial valleys, but now other objects come into the common focus insistingly.

The photos here reflect some sandy descriptive impressions in this regard picked up during the last hot weeks revealing a dominant brown colour.