Putin is actually a very happy man (as you can see also in the above US American cartoon) because Donald Trump now throws a ruined and divided country finally to the wolves. Though, the last ounce of reputation has already disappeared into nowhere guided by daily bizarre embarassment of a blonde sociopathic parvenu who unbelievably is still sitting in the White House – shameless as ever – what can be however amended  in the ides of coming November. 

Escape from White House or Me First – Washington, November 2020

According to a poll of December 2019 conducted by the YouGov agency on behalf of the German Press Agency, Donald Trump is believed to be even more dangerous than Iran’s political and religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Therefore it is not astonishing that actually many Germans show more sympathy for Vladimir Putin, he speaks German as well and has lived and worked several years in East-Germany before the unification of the country which allowed him some insights in mentality and culture.

Mural in Hamburg

Vladimir Putin also had always great interest in narrow bilateral connections between the two countries but this has not hindered him some time ago  to place offensive rockets near the city of Kaliningrad in former Eastern-Prussia only around 600 km from Berlin and Warsaw, a clear and hazardous provocation and just one example for a new Cold War between East and West. After the heavy political turmoils of the early 1990s Russian economy felt in some kind of agonizing koma, and Vladimir Putin is dreaming indeed of something else for maintaining his way of Russian national pride and imperial importance.

The East is Red – installation for Nordart 2018 by Liu Ruowang (China)

Not so long ago Russia did not play a relevant role on the international political stages, but this has changed dramatically in the recent years, and Vladimir Putin’s current strength is also a result from the weakness of the West.

The latest referendum in Russia cemented Vladimir Putin’s autocratic rule and established a new constitution outside the international applicable laws. The Russian president can now openly intervene in the judiciary, and acccording the new constitution Vladimir Putin could now remain president until 2036 or longer, who knows.

By anchoring the priority of national law over the authority of international jurisdiction in Russia’s constitution, Russian citizens can no longer go to the European Court of Human Rights for instance  since such judgements are no longer legally binding or relevant at all in Russia.

Let’s go West / Russian radical nationalists (Putin’s thinktanks) have already designed strategies of seizing all countries in Europe in order to firmly establish a Russian Empire from Lissabon until Wladiwostok

The annexation of Crimea and Moscow’s aggression in eastern Ukraine continue.  And the gigantic military parade that took place on Red Square in Moscow at the end of June – despite the ongoing acute danger to Covid 19 – was intended to show his people that pride and greatness of Russia are inextricably linked to his leadership. But Vladimir Putin also sent a massive signal to the West: Russia is again a great power. As a matter of fact Hitler initiated the same kind of excessive, intimidating and militaristic parades, a quite worrying and very disturbing historical parallel.

Countries like Poland and the Baltic states really fear most of all this kind of  aggressive force in their neighboorhood especially due to very bad experiences during and after WW II. Thus, these ultra-nationalistic authoritarian Russian attitudes and imperial strategies do not comprise anything good for the future of Europe. 

After WW II one should have thought that mankind is a bit more intelligent, but peace today is again jeopardized by many suspicious powers


After decades of a ruthless and deeply unsocial neo-liberalism on the back of the normal people making only the already rich still more richer, another malicious ghost is creeping again over the boulevards of Europe. It is the chauvinist spirit of simplified truths spread by self-proclaimed saviors of occident as a whole.

Postmodern demons emerging from the collective subconscious

The nationalist ideologies of 19th and 20th century are now on the verge to a powerful revival in many countries and as well in European parliament after the coming 23-26 May elections. The globalization of this retrogressive zeitgeist has opened new battlefields covered by a gloomy twilight of prefascist idols. Subsequently news of unilateral steps and national solo-efforts by individual states of the European Union now hunt us regularly like greedy and creepy ghosts of a dark age and past times.

The labyrinth of ego-trips

The radical nationalists in the diverse countries of Europe now want to put just back the clock finally while having already started a postmodern crucial witchhunt. Like unscrupulous pupils in magic they have lighted blazing totalitarian fires everywhere which need to be urgently extinguished again.

After the bloody fascism in the first half of 20th century we have enjoyed the longest period of peace in Europe without war and opened national borders of former enemies. This represents a real big progress and step in history which needs to be safeguarded and maintained for our common future.




The USA under the actual embarrassing regime of a complete ballooned and blonde fake-personality however still have the intention to build a high and “nice” wall on its Southern borderline to Mexico. Hence, I have simply forgotten why this president is greedy for such fence, but this does not really matter because things like that do not constitute any future while the waves of history will just wash it away sooner or later like before the Roman Limes or the municipal Wall of Berlin – what a senseless waste of time, money and energy.

Superblonde in a typical actionist  fake-mode

In this respect US American policies – personified by their reactionary, megalomaniac and egodriven leader Donald Trump – reveal again a complete dissociative amnesia regarding past times and history. Now, therefore let’s only remember to the former US president Ronald Reagan and his prominent claim towards the Soviet-Union in West-Berlin, 12 June 1987: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” When being said, this request sounded quite utopian but only around 2 years later this should become very true.

And now 30 years later, the same USA with another president wants to build a protective wall to Mexico in order to safeguard the bloody white American dream of freedom?! So without doubt the shooting slogan “America first” has become already a reality, but such a national-chauvinist strategy and thinking of the 19th century (getting critical also elsewhere in Russia, Turkey, Poland or Hungary) will not resolve any of the global challenging questions of today.

Already secretly recruited US-borderwall protector